Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Maybe We Ought To Stop Watching These 49er Games...

At 6:30 last night, our family gathered by the television to watch Gordy's beloved 49ers play the Seattle Seahawks.  

Gordy brought his Colin Kaepernick fathead.

And he also brought his extremely loud voice, his enthusiasm and his habit of yelling at the referees, the players, the coaches and the commentators.

I'm talking to you, Troy Aikman.  Gordy's wise to you and your 49er-hating ways.  Try to be a little more neutral with your commentary next time!

The fathead (a gift from the Southerns) was a big hit.

And it helped to distract the children from the "peppery" words that were pouring out of their father's mouth.

During good moments, we cheered and danced...

and during contentious moments, we allowed Gordy to express his disappointment.

Apparently, it helps to stand during stress moments.

While I was watching (the first half), the 49ers were doing great.

There were a few questionable calls, but for the most part, things looked good.

And then the second half happened.

This is not the first time that we have watched the 49ers lose.

I'm starting to wonder if we are jinxing the team!

Perhaps next year, we should avoid watching the 49ers as a family.  Gordy watched them win live in Charlotte two weeks ago, maybe it's a sign that he needs to personally attend all future games.

His boss will understand, certainly?


Guymons said...

well described recap of your families game experience! loved it!!!

oh my...haha....our family is this way for exciting games, standing up, cheering, yelling at the tv....so funny that you captured it with your camera and wrote about it so descriptive!!!

We watched the game...and last year...and the year before....LOTS of heartbreak!!!!

Martha said...

Ha! I'm glad other people are over-reacting to the television set, too! I find Gordy's game-"watching" to be very humorous. I'd probably enjoy watching your family watch the game, too!

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