Sunday, January 19, 2014

Movie Night: Adapted To A Carpooling Lifestyle

Many years ago, I wrote about the car-picnics that Josie and I used to have while waiting for Henry or Georgia to finish their evening activity (if you want to read that post, click on these words).  We don't have the opportunity to "enjoy" our dinner-in-the-car as much as we used to (insert eye roll here), but when the occasion arises, Josie and I would like you all to know that we've made a considerable improvement.

In fact, we no longer even call Dining in The Car a "car picnic" anymore.  Now, we have Movie Night (with heavy snacks).

For the last two Friday nights, Josie and I have watched a movie on Gordy's laptop, in the car, while waiting for Henry to have double hockey practices.  

And while it is not the crazy Friday night of my youth, I do enjoy our Movie Nights very much.

This week we watched "Bend It Like Beckham" and I packed sandwiches from Whole Foods.

We started the evening by unpacking the picnic and setting up the movie screen.

There was much silliness.

But we settled down once the credits began to roll...

Josie watched the movie intently.  Now that she is playing club soccer, she thought it would be wise to watch closely just in case there were any tips to be learned.

A movie is the perfect way to pass two hours at the rink, let me tell you.  In the fall and spring, you can bring a book and read in the car, but in the winter, it's way too dark to do much of anything. 

And trust me, you don't want to spend two hours in the hockey rink warming room.  

Heavens no.

The car is the best, most smell-free place to while away the hours.  Especially if you are small enough to stretch out into the trunk, and lie on your stomach in front of the laptop screen.

I was a little jealous of Josie's ability to lounge, if you want to know the truth!

Next time, we've decided to bring "Despicable Me" and perhaps a large bag of popcorn.

Or SnoCaps.

If we're going to do Movie Night, we might as well do it right!


Tara said...

You can't have a movie night without Sno-caps!!

Terri said...

Love this idea!

Guymons said...

is it cold in there while waiting???

Great idea! Wonder how long my laptop battery would last???

But good idea creating bonding time out of what would normally just be wasted time. you're smart!!! great memories for you and your daughter are being created!

Martha said...

So true, Tara, so true!!!

Martha said...

Thanks, Terri! It was born out of necessity, but it's also been a great deal of fun. This week's movie will be Despicable Me!

Martha said...

Diane - It was cold (we were both in our parkas) but last week wasn't too cold. This week has seen weather in the single digits, so I'm not sure staying in the car will be feasible. We might have to find a quiet corner of the ice rink (not easy with all that whistle blowing!)

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