Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Life Cycle of a Giraffe

It's been awhile since I last posted about one of my children's school projects.  You probably think that we haven't had any research/arts & crafts extravaganzas to create this year.  


As if.

Or rather "I wish."

I will admit that Henry's new school is a whole lot less project-focused than his old school, but he's had at least three (if not four) research papers/movies/slide show projects.  And he had one poetry project that involved gluing words on to the surface of a face mask and snorkel.  (don't ask)

Josie, too, has had her share of projects.  I can't think of any right now, but I KNOW I've watched them be done.

And that leaves Georgia, who has been blissfully project-free for the entire fall only to have life cruelly changed with the advent of the new year and suddenly finds herself with more projects, homework and tests than she can emotionally deal with.

Two days ago, the project was the Life Cycle of the Giraffe.

There was research done on the computer and bullet points typed into Word.

And then the crafting began.

Well, the crafting began with a pricey trip to Michaels Craft store by the Project-maker's mother, but that's another post for another day.

This project had really been hanging over Georgia's head.  It had been assigned at least a week ago and Georgia was feeling the stress of not having it done.  It wasn't procrastination that kept Georgia from completing the assignment - it was simply a matter of finding a block of time and having all the supplies.  (read:  ME finding a block of time to get to the BLEEP craft store)

Thank goodness for random mid-week snow storms that cause orchestra concerts and soccer practices to be cancelled, because if it hadn't been for Tuesday's suddenly-free afternoon, I'm not sure this project would have been finished at all.


I think Georgia did a good job (and I think I did a good job buying the supplies... and I think Gordy did a good job printing out the photos etc on his work computer when our home printer ran out of ink)

It still takes a village to do a school project, apparently.


Lisa Witherspoon said...

Wish my Rachel could do that one! She came home today in tears because she found out that in one week they will be dissecting a cow eyeball. My little animal lover is horrified! Yikes!

Guymons said...

Looks GREAT!!!! Very well done!

Bradley is working on a project he doesn't really like...projects go sooooo much better when the student likes the subject matter!!!

Martha said...

Lisa - Argh! How awful! i feel very badly for Rachel. Dissection is the worst. I remember having to dissect a frog in high school and the smell alone was torture! I feel very badly for Rachel. That won't be a great day!

Martha said...

Thanks, Diane -

I was proud of Georgia's work and so was she... until she brought the project into school and saw a few of the other children's projects. Apparently, there was an unusual amount of parental participation and a few of the projects were unbelievably complex!!!

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