Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Mighty Mite Bs

Guess whose team won their first ever Holiday Hockey tournament?  

That's right - Miss Josephine and her Mighty Mite Bs!

The final game was pretty adorable - I mean fiercely fought.

Josie even scored the second goal (of three).

If you will all remember, Josie is the only girl on her team and for the most part, she would prefer to have some female company.  But on the other hand, this team has been a whole lot of fun and Josie agrees that if she HAS to be on a boys team, this group of eight year olds is pretty awesome.

Especially when they are winning.

The final game of this tournament was the teams first ever full-ice match.  In our state, the Mite level plays half-ice for the first few months of the season and then once January rolls around, they switch to full-ice.

Full-ice is tiring for the players... but it's way more fun to watch.

The final score was 3-0 and the victory was sweet.

And there were trophies.  Need I say more?



Guymons said...

so fun! and she looks cute! Way to go on the goal, too! And is that her first hockey trophy? Does your family have a display case for trophies yet, haha? I bet dad was really proud! Have fun watching on the big ice. Great photos. I do need a better camera for action shots! I took 58 at the basketball game today and there are only 3 that are in focus. I bet taking hockey photos is even more difficult!!!

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Martha said...

Diane - I had a good laugh at your "does your family have a trophy case yet?" question!!! And that's because Henry's hockey team won the state championship in Hockey last year and as the coach, Gordy got to keep this ENORMOUS trophy. And for months, he wanted to display it on our living room mantel!!

It's now in the basement tv room!

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