Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Snow Bunny

The week before Christmas it snowed twice in Masachusetts.  Actually, we've had a lot of snow already this season - too much if you ask me.  I was actually shovelling our driveway at 10:30 at night, when I got the call from Gordy saying that he and Henry were headed to the hospital to get Henry's knee stitched up.  I was horrified about the stitches and I also horrified by the thought that no Gordy meant that I'd be finishing the driveway all by myself!  

Luckily, the kids don't share my hatred of snow.  Being true New Englanders, they view snow as a normal winter occurance.  While I will find myself glaring out the window at the snow-covered ground, my children are outside, sledding and building snowmen.... or snow bunny, as the case was on this particular afternoon.

I thought the snow bunny was pretty great:

The girls used two icicles that had fallen from our roof for the ears.

And they gave the bunny a carrot to carry in his mouth.

I guess I can appreciate a work of snow bunny art, but that still doesn't make me like snow any more!

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