Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Winter Blues

It's the end of January, it's 15 degrees outside and we Elliots have the winter blues.

There's snow outside, but it's as hard as ice and not the kind of snow that you can play in.  We've been spending a ridiculous amount of time in our house and we're all going a little stir crazy.

To help alleviate the boredom, Georgia and Josie have been spending a large amount of time in the basement, making videos using the Video Star app on the ipad (or iphone, in this case).

The videos are long and mostly full of gymnastic moves such as cartwheels, round-offs and back bends.

The videos themselves aren't that bad.  They lack any sort of plot, except for the occasional word lip-sinced in a dramatic fashion, but the app does a good job of editing the girls dancing and it has some neat visual effects.

The girls dance, lip-sinc and cartwheel to either Katy Perry or Taylor Swift and since Georgia and Josie tend to use the same songs over and over, I can now sing the entire catalogs of both our nation's two favorite pop princesses.  Yeah me.

Our basement is often pretty messy - it's where most of our toys and games live and our children aren't that great at keeping the space tidy.  But my girls don't let a cluttered space interfere with their video making.  You'll notice Henry's hockey nets play a big (albeit quiet) role in this particular video.

If you see Henry, please don't mention this to him.  He might want to get some cash compensation for the use of his hockey equipment in a commercial film.  Not to mention that Henry has been known to get greatly annoyed when one of his sisters land on top of his property.

I'm happy that the girls are occupied and that they are getting exercise (however small). 

But I'm ready for the weather to warm up so they can get outside again.  

On a separate note, check out this adorable photo of baby Henry (with our pug Nancy):

Henry had to bring in a baby photo for his middle school year book and we chose this one.  Henry is probably seven or eight months old in this photo and Nancy (who never met a child that she liked) was probably sharing a little teeth in that kiss.  ha!


Elizabeth said...

Look at that beautiful little puggy! I miss Nancy and her repartee.

And it always makes me cold to see pictures of your kids with no socks on! :)

Elizabeth said...

Also, your blue office looks so cheery.

Guymons said...

I want a basement...with hockey goals....and a Penguins wall decoration! But you can keep your winter!

Martha said...

I miss my little Nan, too. But I'm sure she's happier where she is, torturing Tulip.

Martha said...

Diane - yes! our basement does look like a hockey paradise, doesn't it!?!

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