Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What We've Been Up To These Last Few Days

What did we do over the weekend?

A whole lot of this...

And a whole lot of that:

Gordy was on his annual Men's Football Weekend trip.  This year's game was in Charlotte, NC from which he sent me the following photo so we could admire the view from their seats:

See those beautiful blue skies and see how few parenting responsibilities are evident in the above photo?

Back at home, I was getting three kids to three different sports, a birthday party and helping with a major history project, and my "skies" looked more like this:

Not that I begrudge Gordy his weekend away - trust me, he deserved it.  And that's also not to say that I didn't enjoy all the indoor soccer which included watching Josie's first game of club soccer (and her first game of Futsal):

Sadly, I couldn't figure out what setting to use on my camera to get clear action shots of my baby in her cute uniform.

I had better luck later in the day at Georgia's game.

Georgia LOVES futsal.  She may even like it more than regular soccer.  She loves the small court, she loves the incredible speed and she loves the required fast-decision-making process.

Josie's game was in the gym of a private school in Concord, MA and Georgia's game was in the gym of a private school in Cambridge, MA about three hours later.  I didn't want to go all the way back home between the matches, so we headed into Concord to buy a birthday present for a friend whose party was Saturday evening and to have lunch.  

While there, I made a point of texting Henry (who was finally home after his first hockey game since his 4-week leg-immobilizer hiatus) and nag him to start his homework so he wouldn't have to spend all day on Sunday doing his project.

... and that's when I learned an important parenting lesson:  Nagging over text is not as effective as nagging in person.

As far as I can figure out, the teenager had a whole lot of couch time on Saturday and only opened his assignment calendar long enough to "decide" that he "needed" my help.

And of course, since I was otherwise occupied at soccer games, Henry felt justified in doing nothing.


On Sunday morning, bright an early, I made Henry sit down and begin his history project... 

and four hours later, he was finally finished.  And I'm not talking about four, quiet, peaceful hours, I'm referring to four hours of pure hell:  there was loud sighing, much arguing, great vocally-expressed frustration, threats of giving up, primal screams and over-all exhaustion (both his and mine).

Obviously, it was the high-light of my weekend of single-parenting.

How was your weekend?


Guymons said...

I think the second gym had better lighting, too! That always helps with indoor action photos!

My kids have never played futsal, but my nephew really likes it, too, and world wide great soccer players play it! Great game!

And again, you got some great photos.

And Bradley informed us on Sunday that he had to pick a subject for a biography paper in English. Then he went and lounged around. Never choosing anyone. I searched the internet and our library web site, with no interest from him, so I gave up. The next day, he told the teacher he picked John Bidwell, the founder of Chico. He said his other two choices were Abe Lincoln and George Washington....no, he really didnt even think about the project, he just settled for whatever popped into his head. Very frustrating to me, but he's happy! (That story didnt really go with yours, but I still could relate with your/henry's behaviors.) And you are right the nag texting is ineffective. I sent one to Bradley this morning and he hasnt had his phone all day, he thinks its under his bed somewhere.

Martha said...

Diane - that's so relieving to hear!!! That's what I love about your blog. It's nice to know there are other people out there dealing with teenage boys!

You are right about the lighting being better at the second gym. I probably won't bring my camera to soccer again until they go back outside.

futsol is a necessity here in snowy MA. It's too cold to play regular soccer (and god forbid they take a break!)

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