Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Visit From Mr. Lincoln

Last Wednesday was Spirit Day at the girls' school.  Like all school theme days, this one came with a dress code:  Lincoln school gear or red, white and blue.  This is our fourth year at Lincoln - can you believe that we own not a single piece of Lincoln School gear?  We own about four t-shirts with the name of our old school on them, but nary a headband with the name of our new.  It made me feel a little guilty, if truth be told.  

At least we have ample amounts of red, white and blue.

Parents were invited to come to morning assembly and watch the "real" Abraham Lincoln say the Gettysburg Address.  

I was lucky enough to catch Josie and her class going into the gymnasium.

I'm sad to say that I didn't get very clear photos of Mr. Lincoln.  He was pretty far away from where I was standing and I had to use my telephoto lens.  But I got enough evidence that he was there:

He was shorter than I imagined him.

Josie and Georgia both thought that his hat was not tall enough.

He did a good job of reciting the Gettysburg Address, though - even with the absence of great stature and while wearing a historically-inaccurate chapeau.

Abraham Lincoln left morning assembly and visited the fifth grade classes.  Yes, I know that the fifth grade classes are studying the American Revolution and therefore probably didn't have too many questions for Honest Abe quite yet.  

It was still fun.  

I like special events like this one.  I think any random change in schedule is a healthy thing for children.  It's always a good thing to mix things up a bit and get their brain moving.  Good job, school!

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Chicken Legz said...

One burning question is whether Abe put on any type of basketball exhibition while he was there? Little known fact that he was considered quite a baller across Illinois and it looks like the gym was ready for him....

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