Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bend and Bake

The girls were off for winter vacation last week.  The girls were off, but the boy was not.  Henry still had school which meant early morning wake-up calls (for henry and me) and then afternoon pick-ups (just for me).  Since we didn't have the entire day free to do fun things like go to museums or take day trips, Georgia and Josie and I made do.  We got our nails done, we saw an omni-max movie, we did a little shop and we worked on a craft project one afternoon.  

I bought the following Bake & Bend clay last fall.  

I'm not sure why it's called Bake & Bend - it should be called Bend & Bake, as that is the actual order of the process.

Georgia was eager to make that cute giraffe on the cover and Josie wanted to make a turtle.

The first step was the kneading...

.... followed immediately by the sculpting.  

The girls were having fun:

I was impressed with the results.  Josie's turtle was jolly and Georgia's flying giraffe was adorable:

The next step is to bake the clay figures for 20 minutes... and that is when disaster struck:

Next time, we will have to prop up all sitting creatures before putting them into the oven.

Good to know.

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