Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bloggers Block

For the last twenty minutes, I've been trying to channel my inner-Jerry-Seinfeld but I'm having absolutely no luck.  It is very, very hard to write a blog post about nothing.  I seem to be suffering from a mean case of Bloggers Block which I suspect has been brought on by an even larger case of Seasonal  Affective Disorder.  Winter is just not my favorite time of year and the things that usually get me through the season - spending large amounts of time in fleece pajama pants, reading and watching tv - do not make for interesting blog posts.

We've been busy with sports and school projects and work and house chores, but I haven't been taking many photos or thinking up witty captions.  No matter how I spin it, laundry is not a good subject for my blog.

On the agenda today (besides the aforementioned laundry) are three hockey games and a friend's birthday party.  Gordy is covering the teenage shift, I'm covering the eight year old and a friend is taking Georgia to the birthday party.  (Thanks Laurel!)

It's another full day at the end of another full weekend.  

But it's hardly blog interesting.

Things are looking up, though.  It's the Super Bowl tonight and we are having our annual Family Nachos Party, Josie has an orchestra concert on Tuesday evening, Spirit Day is coming up at the girls' school and in a few short weeks, it will be Winter Break and I am planning many blog-friendly field trips (just please don't mention this to Georgia.  She is planning uninterrupted reading time and late-morning wake-ups and I'm not ready to crush her dreams yet)  There is light at the end of my Blogger Blocked tunnel.

Happy Sunday, internet.


Guymons said...

Three games today and "nothing interesting" to blog about!!! Is that a slam on me and my blog....are you saying that games aren't interesting blog subjects??? haha. Then my blog must horrible! I was just going to go write about the two games I left out, ahhh, maybe not now! haha!!! Yeah, I will, cuz that's basically all I have for material!!!

Martha said...

hee hee! No! Not at all, Diane - you are great at reporting about a sporting event. I'm awful at it! I never remember the details and my lack of attention really shows through! You are right though, I do enjoy reading your blog and I should give writing about my kids games a try!

Beverli said...

There's quite a lot of topic but very worth reading. Anything that has to do with family is worth posting :)

Martha said...

Thank you, Beverli! I'll remember your kind words the next time I have bloggers block!

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