Thursday, February 6, 2014

Josie's First Orchestra Concert

Josie had her first cello performance this week.  Her all-town school orchestra played six "songs" in the winter concert.

She had to wear a uniform of a white top and a black bottom.  

We added ribbons to fancy things up a bit.  

Josie posed holding an air cello to help you all get the idea of what her outfit will look in action:

The air cello performance and the outfit were the highlights of the evening.

Have any of you ever been to a first-year orchestra concert?

Beginning string players do make a noise with their instrument, but I'm not sure you'd call it music.

We got there early.

But you already knew that, didn't you.  I am always early.  It's a real character flaw of mine, but in this instance my earliness guaranteed me a seat in the auditorium which was very hard to come by.

The only thing worse than listening to a beginning orchestra concert is listening to that same concert while standing up.

Josie came on stage and sat down in the back.

and then a teacher came out and moved her and her seat mate up to the First Cello seat, which greatly pleased the competetive violinist in me, but was probably due more to her short stature than her cello skills.

Josie's stand partner was an old friend from nursery school, so that was fun.  

I know it's only been a few months, but Josie's cello career hasn't been moving forward.  The school lessons seem primarily focused on the violins (which are plentiful) and Josie hasn't managed to learn more than a few notes.  So we have decided to be proactive, throw away our fears of adding YET ANTHER activity to our calendar and try to salvage whatever is left of Josie's desire to learn the cello.    We have signed Josie and her friend Eva up for weekly private lessons with a local teacher.  

And with those weekly lessons will come 15 minutes of daily practice (minimum), an additional carpool, more coordination and a little less free time.

Oh dear.  I've gotten negative and this was a positive decision.  

I'm disappointed that the school lessons haven't really worked out.  They were expensive, for one thing.  I'm not blaming the teacher - she seems very nice, eager and competant.  I think the real problem lies in there being way too many string players for a 45 minute school lesson to really work.  You need more individual help at the beginning.  We've had different levels of success with school lessons.  Henry played the clarinet for a year at school, enjoyed it enough to take a year of private lessons the second year and then decided to quit the third year because of a lack of interest.  I'd say his school lesson experience was so-so.  Georgia, on the other hand, has had NOTHING but school lessons and she seems to know enough notes on her flute to play all the songs given to her and she knows enough to be able to play in the middle school band next year (a goal, since you have to take a music class and Georgia is not a huge fan of chorus).  I'd say Georgia's lessons have been fantastic.  I'm still on the fence about Josie.  I'd really like to sit in on one of her lessons and see how much attention the cello players are actually receiving.  

But for now, we'll try outside lessons.  And I'll keep you all posted.


Guymons said...

LOVE your honesty.

And you sound like me adding things to already full schedules to do what is best for our kids. You are a great mom.

Good Job Josie!!! Keep up the musical's one you can enjoy and use your whole life.

Guymons said...

hey, I just blogged something I would normally just facebook, but I wanted you to see it....then I thought, if you want, we should be Facebook friends (if you even do facebook). Then you can see all the funny family stuff I don't blog about.

Guymons said...

I dont have Instagram (do you need a smart phone for that?), and dont do Pintrest....but Facebook and Twitter do have a purpose....(haha, is that me just justifying stuff). I facebook to say short funny things, ask questions, and post things because I know hardly anyone reads my blog. I dont write on Twitter much, just Follow all kinds of athletes/sport writers to get insider's fun.

I'm not that funny...just, for example, I posted that bolt picture...then thought, gotta blog this so Martha will see it, no, hey, why dont I just become facebook friends with her....haha

I started my blog when Melanee left for college so she could see pictures of her brother's activities and read about our lives back here in Chico. It quickly turned into a mom brag blog about Melanee's soccer. Scott has 6 siblings/parents/relatives and I have two brothers who all live far away, so ideally the blog is for them to keep up on our family....I think you, Melanee, and my dad are the only ones who read it (and that angry bully parent that one time, HOW'D she find it????? haha).

A few times I have called my dad with exciting news, and he said, "I know, I read it on your blog." That's funny.

I do like blogging and wish more people still did it. I think you and I are about the last two bloggers on earth...kidding!

Martha said...

Diane - I'm sorry I missed this comment! I'm not sure if you need a smartphone for instagram but I bet you do. You might enjoy pinterest - it's very addicting. I appreciate your putting funny things on your blog for me! I'm very stubborn about my facebook-refusal.

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