Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pigs, Seagulls and The Super Bowl

This year's Super Bowl was a doozy.  I'm not sure I've ever watched a more boring game.  Luckily for us, we had great food to enjoy whilst we were being bored out of our minds.  For appetizers, I made the very classy Pigs In Blankets and a new (to me) delicacy that I named Seagulls in Towels (more on this later).

Josie was very excited about them both:

Josie had been dreaming of Super Bowl food all week.  On Monday, she made a menu to aid me in my party prep:

As my wonderful friend Tara pointed out,  Josie really knows how to prepare a complete meal.

...but back to those Seagulls In Towels.

I found a recipe for brie cheese and granny smith apples wrapped in crescent rolls on Pinterest and since I thought they would add just a hint of healthy into our meal of junk, I bought the ingredients and added them to our appetizer menu.  The recipe looked great, but the name was a little lacking in the creativity department, so I jazzed it up a bit.  

Why Seagulls In Towels, you ask?

A little backstory:  A few years ago, our family was enjoying a lovely day at Mansion Beach on Block Island when we noticed a crowd gathering around a woman who was sitting in a beach chair alongside a group of relatives close to the ocean.  People often bring puppies with them to the beach and our family are fans of puppies, so the kids and I walked over to give the little guy an Elliot hello and head pat.

Imagine our surprise when we got close enough to see that the woman in question was holding a SEAGULL, wrapped in a towel on her lap --- a seagull that she had picked up off the beach and that was now thrashing about and attempting to peck her senseless.  

I would like you all to understand that without a doubt, in this scenario, we were routing for the seagull.  

It was a horrifying abuse of nature and of a wild creature and it lasted for HOURS!  That poor seagull was still wrapped in the towel, tired from pecking but still making valiant attempts whenever the crazy woman's skin was within reach, and unable to fly away, when we packed up and left later that afternoon.  

Take a moment and let that story sink in for awhile.

There are so many questions, aren't there?  How did she manage to pick up a wild seagull in the first place?  And is this something she does every time she goes to the beach?  Surely you can enjoy the gorgeous view and the crashing surf WITHOUT holding onto a beach creature, right?  And why didn't her family protest?  Heck, why didn't WE protest?  You can be sure that after having discovered a woman holding a towel-wrapped seagull on her lap, I spent the majority of my beach time glaring in her general direction, but why didn't I march over and tell her to release the poor bird?

I have no idea.

Instead, I have chosen to name a Super Bowl delicacy in honor of the poor creature.  Behold:  I present to you Pigs In Blankets next to Seagulls In Towels.  

May these be the only Seagulls In Towels that you ever have to see.

We had more Super Bowl treats as well.  

There was the healthy dinner of nachos:

We set up a nacho bar and told the kids to help themselves.

I'm  not a huge nacho fan, so I also made a salad:

These two are HUGE nacho fans, so you'll notice no greenery whatsoever.

It was interesting to see what everyone took from the nacho bar.  

Gordy's plate had a "Go For Broke" feel to it:

Henry's plate looked very gourmet and the food was artistically plated:

Georgia's plate was void of all color.  She likes her nachos the way she likes all her meals:  beige and unhealthy.

For dessert, I made a chocolate chip cookie cake which I thought was going to be very disappointing (to me, since I prefer something a little more complex).  But this was perhaps the best cookie cake I've ever eaten.  It was sweet and salty, gooey and wonderful.  

and filling, apparently, Josie slipped into a food coma once she finished eating her slice.

And with that the gluttony part of the evening was over and we were left with only the watching of the game and the rating of the commercials with which to entertain ourselves.  

And that is why Henry started getting both antsy and hyper which is Nice Mother talk for "started to annoy his sisters so that a fight could be started and LUCKY US!  entertainment could be born."

The girls were not amused.

And neither were Gordy nor I.

Needless to say that we sent the kids upstairs after the half-time show.  Gordy and I watched until the bitter end.  Which is amazing considering.  

How were your Super Bowls?


Guymons said...

I WISH!!!! William's blog counter always has a little "x" thing, or like an ad from the "free" company I got the counter from which covers the first number, which is now a 1....so 114 days left. Two weeks would be so exciting! I misssssss him!
Did you read his ladanian tomlinson story...i cracked up when he listed the trials thrown at us and in the middle of the list was Ray Lewis....non football people wouldnt even catch that, but the Ray Lewis coming at me image was funny.
Your Super Bowl party/food looks yummy. Thanks for the funny photos and great writing/story telling. Your family sounds fun!

Martha said...

I did think it a little odd that you weren't talking about his arrival!! That's one mean counter!

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