Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Snow Day

We all had a snow day last Wednesday.  It was our third snow day of the school year, which means that even though we are only at the beginning of February, we are already short one day of summer.  Our family is very attached to summer, so snow days are not our favorite.  Last year, we had a week and a half less of summer vacation because of snow days - a few of them completely unnecessary - and we're hoping the same thing doesn't happen this year.  

Wednesday's snow day was very appropriate.  The storm was very heavy and the snow came down all day long.  And at least the Superintendent of Schools waited until the morning to declare the snow day, unlike last year when he twice cancelled school the afternoon before a snow storm only to find that the snow didn't fall as heavily as predicted and the sun was out by 10am.  

We all stayed home on this snow day.  Gordy worked from home, setting up his computer in the family room and putting Bloomberg on the tv.  We tried to stay out of his hair, but the kids were frequently drawn into Gordy's "office."  Gordy is a novelty during the day.  

I decided that it was the perfect time to do a little baking since there was a chocolate truffle pie recipe that I had been wanting to try.  The recipe called for a pre-made pie crust and all I had was a graham cracker crust, but I figured that would taste good, too.

Josie cracked all seven eggs and did most of the measuring:

Georgia joined us, probably hoping to lick the bowl ....

....but I don't let kids lick bowls that are full of raw egg.

I didn't get any photos of the finished product, but this is what the pie looked like before it went into the oven:

It was tasty but not amazingly so.  I'm not sure if using the wrong crust made the difference.

The girls ended up going outside to sled with friends, but I didn't set a foot outside all day.  I could see from my kitchen window that the snow was that wet, heavy kind that is hard to move about in.  The trees outside the window looked depressed and droopy:

Usually, Gordy is at work and it is up to me to shovel or snow-blow, but having Gordy home meant that I could take the day off from snow duty.  In the late afternoon, the snow had slowed down enough to make snow blowing worthwhile.  Gordy went outside and I got a photo of him through the window.

We made Henry go out, too.  It's time these children earned their keep, I'd say!

The snow storm wasn't over though.  The next morning all three children went to school, Gordy went to work and I spent an hour shoveling the last two inches of snow off our driveway.  Since then, the sun has been out but it's been absolutely freezing.  Not even a flake of snow has melted and our roof is covered in a thick blanket of snow and ice.  I'm more than a tad worried about ice dams, and I've been outside with the roof rake trying to push some of the snow off the roof more than a few times.  I've also been hanging out of the second story windows with a field hockey stick, hammering off the ice falls that are up to three inches thick on our mansard roof.  The neighbors probably think I've lost my mind, but I figure that every bit of snow and ice that I can chip off, means a pint or so of water I'm keeping from gushing out of my light fixtures and onto my floor.  That's a good thing, right?

We're supposed to get an inch of snow tonight and then another storm on Wednesday/Thursday.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that neither storm will happen.  It's February which means that snow season is only here for another two months (hopefully).  Maybe we'll make it through to spring without any more snow days!  

One can only hope.


Tara said...

No ice dams over here but as we are finally experiencing some winter rain, our porch is leaking from above and below and through into our basement. Sigh. When people come over and say "What a beautiful house", I just sigh. That's what you get when it's 100+ years old. Must get on that porch/entry renovation plan tout de suite!

Lisa Witherspoon said...

We are supposed to get about 6 inches on Wednesday which is a lot for us. I went to the grocery store this morning and people are already going crazy! :-) We have had our fair share of snow days (3 I think) and several delays so far. I love the snow, but son't want the kids to go to school all summer either!

Martha said...

Tara - I feel your pain. Homeownership is so not easy. Our last house was a 100+er and while it was definitely better built than our current home, it had it's own unique issues!

Martha said...

Lisa - The south has really been hit with winter this year, hasn't it? I feel for you! We are also supposed to get a big storm this week - although it might just be a "wintery mix" which implies a little rain. I'm hoping for the mix!

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