Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day

This year's Valentine's Day was the holiday that almost wasn't.  The third grade class was the only one of our three represented grades to celebrate Valentine's at all and they were scheduled to celebrate the holiday on the thirteenth since Friday the fourteenth was our elementary school's Health Fair.  And then we had a snow day on Thursday and it looked like the Valentine's Day celebration would be cancelled.

The storm had other plans, though, while it was set on taking away a perfectly happy summer vacation day from us all, it wasn't about to dash a young girls' dream of a heart-filled school party.  On Friday morning, the snow was still coming down and our superintendent called a delayed opening.  The Health Fair was cancelled and Valentine's Day was back on!

We would have had our own family celebration anyway.  In the morning (long after Henry had gotten up and been driven to his school) the girls opened their Valentine's Day presents from Gordy and me.

Josie's present was a pink cardie (bought on mega-sale at J. Crew Kids the week before):

and Georgia got a pair of green flower earrings:

Josie happily posed holding her Valentine's Day crafts before we left for school:

In her left hand, she holds her homemade Valentines and in her right, she holds her Secret Admirer Letter (a mandatory assignment).

She also let me take a photo of her Valentine's Day mailbox:


And front.

Since it was a delayed opening, the girls came with me to my early morning pilates class and then we went to Dunkin Donuts and the girls enjoyed a treat before school.  Fridays are busy for us and so it wasn't until long after school ended that we had time to regroup and Josie was able to show me her Valentines.

Children aren't allowed to give out candy anymore, but most Valentines include some sort of small gift - a rub-on tattoo or a pencil.

It's crazy to think that in just five years (the time between Henry's third grade party and now), we've completely removed all sugar from Valentine's Day.

We had one more part of our Valentine's Day celebration, though.  Josie wrote us all "poems" as a school assignment.  Here's the one she wrote for Georgia:

I only included this one since, basically, all four were the same.  This is the first year of MCAS for Josie, so her teacher has been diligently working on similes, proofreading techniques and other essay-writing skills.  Maybe that's why they end Valentine's Day celebrations in third grade - the third grade teachers need all the essay-writing occasions they can get!

We hope you had a happy Valentine's Day, too.

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