Sunday, March 9, 2014

And In One Weekend, Georgia Falls Apart

A black cloud appeared over Georgia's head on Friday, just as the weekend was starting.  

Yesterday, poor Georgia got one of the worst colds our family has seen in years.  It's one of those achy, stuffy, cough-y, sore throat-y jobs where both sitting and breathing seem like too much work.

Georgia was able to get by yesterday on round-the-clock motrin and Cold-Ease lozenges, but this morning, it was obvious that the best course of action was to just hunker down and let the cold take it's course.

But the cold isn't all that ails Miss Georgia.

At soccer yesterday, some girl had her hand out and Georgia "ran into it" and now she has a black eye (but it's a small one and not particularly visible in the photo below):

AND if that's not enough, on Friday, Georgia was playing a game of Off The Wall with some younger kids she was helping to babysit (the fifth graders have a baby-sitting fundraiser during parent-teacher conferences) and her finger got jammed.  Within in minutes it was black and blue and swollen.

At first, I thought it might be broken, but we put it in a split for two days and this morning, it's no longer bruised or puffy.  I think we dodged a bullet on this one.

My poor baby.

The good news is that Georgia can spend the whole day lounging on the couch.  She's nursing a sports bottle of water and she has her own personal box of kleenex.  

If I can get her to drink constantly and agree to a few more of those zinc lozenges, she just might feel a little better by tomorrow.

But now I have to go - my patient needs a blanket and I need to clorox wipe the light switches and the banisters!

Happy Sunday, everyone.

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