Thursday, March 27, 2014

Block Island

I had some business to take care of on Block Island this week, so Henry (who is on spring break) joined me.  It was my first time backing the car up onto the ferry and I'm proud to say that I successfully did so without even once driving the car into the ocean.  

Thank you, thank you very much.

Our original plan had been to go to the island on Wednesday, but then a big Nor'Easter was forecasted for that same day and so Henry and I made the very smart decision to move our journey up to Tuesday.  Avoiding large windy storms is always the smart move when there is a ferry involved.

Our trip wasn't entirely for pleasure, but we did manage to find time to walk down to the beach and breath in the sea air.

It was a beautiful, sunny day, but it was also bitter cold.  And one of us - cough HENRY cough - wasn't properly dressed.

I admit that I spent a few minutes searching for glass floats behind the various large boulders and inside a hollowed-out trunk of drift wood.  It probably won't surprise you to hear that I didn't find any.  

Some day....

After our walk on the beach (and after my two meetings were over), Henry and I got lunch at the grocery store and headed to the North Light to eat.  I posted photos of the day on my Instagram account, if you are interested (you can click on the camera icon to the right.  Feel free to follow me, if you are also on Instagram.  My pitiful 15 follower-count is a constant source of ribbing from my teenager, for whom these things matter greatly).

We then had some time to spare before the return ferry left, so Henry and I took a drive around the island.

And that is when I took the first picture of this post - Henry sitting atop of the Painted Rock, which was decorated for spring break (perhaps not as professionally painted as is usual.  This paint job was more Gang Graffiti then Banksy).

The girls have THIER spring break in April, so we are all going back to Block Island for a day then, too.  Summer on the island is still my favorite, but it's been great fun to see the rest of the seasons, too.

See you next month, Block Island!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful island. You've now got a norwegian follower on Instagram :-). Greetings, Cathrine

Martha said...

How exciting! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting AND for following me on instagram, Cathrine. My father's grandparents came to the US from Norway and while we have sadly lost the language, we still consider ourselves Norwegians. I'm excited to have another link to Norway.

Anonymous said...

You should visit Norway some day :-). Where did they come from? Have a great weekend.

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