Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Enjoying Her Birthday Gifts

Josie got three fabulous art kits for her birthday.  We had half-days last week for parent-teacher conferences at our elementary school, so there was plenty of time for Josie to get to work on those birthday crafts.  The first kit she opened was a Make-Your-Own Paper Mache Friend.

As you can imagine, her 13 year old brother had a lot to say about the name of this craft....  "Well, that's a good gift!  Now you'll FINALLY have your own friend!"

I mean, it was RIGHT THERE.  It would have been criminal if he HADN'T said it.

Good thing, Josie is able to understand humor.  

She got right to work making her friend:

As far as kids' crafts go, this one was excellent.  The directions were easy to understand and the steps were simple and perfect for a child of Josie's age to do without supervision (which is my favorite kind of craft, personally).

The kit came with the "friend" already made out of cardboard and pre-glued stripes of paper tape.  Josie only had to cut the tape to the appropriate length and wet them to moisten the glue.

This process was enjoyable.

The next step called for decorating your new friend and you were supposed to wait 24 hours for the paper mache to dry before you began.

Josie ignored this direction and went to work painting the doll immediately after the last paper mache strip was applied.

Who wants to wait 24 hours?  

The paint didn't seem to be bothered in the slightest by the wet paper mache.  Maybe it's a sign that my house is too dry, but the doll seemed to dry pretty quickly.

One hour later, Josie had her very own friend:

Cute, right?

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