Sunday, March 30, 2014

I've Waited Weeks To Write This Post

On Saturday, it was finally warm enough (and I do mean "enough") to go outside and play.  I've been waiting months for this exact moment.

Josie wore the roller blades that she got for Christmas.

She cruised up and down our driveway, listening to the music provided from speakers that Henry set up in the play-yard.

The whole thing reminded me of Olivia Newton John circa 1980.

Xanadu, anyone?

Henry got out his lacrosse pole (and shorts, which were silly as it wasn't THAT warm) and threw some lacrosse balls against the kickback wall.

The sun wasn't out and it wasn't particularly pleasant outside, but AT LEAST it wasn't freezing and it wasn't snowing.  

I was just so happy to have these two kids out of the house.

I feel like we've all been stuck in the house for months.

Oh.  That's right.  We HAVE been stuck in the house for months.

We haven't spent nearly enough time making noise and bothering our neighbor from our play yard.

It's high time we remedied that.  

Because you never know when the snow will come next!


Lisa Witherspoon said...

Fun! The weather has been nicer here, too, and we have finally bee able to enjoy some time outside.

Angie said...

This week our weather is supposed to be amazing. We are supposed to even hit 70 degrees and the weekend is looking good too. I'm thinking a camping trip might be in our very NEAR future :)

Martha said...

Thanks Lisa - I'm glad you're having good weather in NC, too.

Martha said...

Angie - 70!!!!?!?!? I'm so jealous. We haven't really cracked the 50s yet but even 42 degrees is better than 23 which is what it's been here for weeks!

Small victories, right?

Apple Dapple Pancakes said...

Great post! I'm so excited about the warmer weather too!!! It's been way too long of a winter here in the Midwest!

Martha said...

Thank you, Apple Dapple Pancakes! I just heard on NPR that the midwest is getting another big snow storm - hopefully you are in the area that's just getting rain! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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