Sunday, March 23, 2014

Josie's Last Hockey Game of The Year

On Saturday, Josie played her last ever Mite B game with her boys team.  They lost, sadly, 3-2.

I'm the first to admit that the hockey season in our town is much too long, but I'm also sad to see this particular team year come to an end.

This was an unusually great team - the kids were all really nice, the parents were all down-to-earth and not sports-crazy as some are wont to be, and the coaches were fantastic.  It was a season free of drama, fights, or jealousies.  And that is a miracle unto itself.

Josie enjoyed her year of being the only girl on a boys team, but she purposefully avoided the boys placements for next year.  

In the fall, Josie will be playing for an all-girls club team.  She tried out two weeks ago and we got news that she was invited to join the club's top team (in her age group) at the end of process.

We are all very excited for Josie.  She worked really hard this year and we noticed a great improvement in her game.

I wouldn't particularly say that she bonded with the boys on this year's team.  She started the hockey season with one good friend - Harry - and she ended the year with that friendship stronger than ever, but that's probably the only boy she spoke to on a regular basis.  

That's not to say that the boys were mean to her or excluded her.  She just didn't join in during many of the locker room conversations.

But Josie can be shy, so who is to say that she would have been more social with a locker-room full of girls?

We'll find out, I guess!

September is just right around the corner.


Guymons said...

congratulations to her on making the top team! Glad you had a good drama free year.

I'm coaching a team right now with NO drama (except kids missing games for spring break, causing us to lose)....but no stress at all for me the coach.

Bradley has soccer try outs this upcoming week....we'll see how that goes!

love the photos!

Martha said...

Diane - Doesn't drama-free make all the difference!!! Josie had such a nice team of kids and it was wonderful. Good luck to Bradley during his soccer try-outs. We'll have those in a few months (it's still too cold here!)

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