Sunday, March 16, 2014

Josie's New Bicycle

I never showed you the bike Josie got from Santa this past Christmas.  And that's probably because since December 25th, it's been snowing non-stop in Massachusetts and the bike has been hanging out, sad and unridden in our garage.  

All that changed this past week, when the sun came out and the snow stopped for a day (and I mean that literally since it snowed the day after I took these photos).  Josie was motivated by the slight uptick in the thermometer to get out her new bicycle and take it for a spin on our driveway.

You might recall that Santa left Josie a letter under the Christmas tree explaining that he had given Gordy and me money to purchase a new bike for Josie at the store.  He felt he didn't have room enough in his sleigh to carry a big bike and he also knew that we had driven to North Carolina for this Christmas and that it might be hard for us to bring the bike back home with us.

Santa really thinks these things through, doesn't he?

On the day we returned from North Carolina, Josie picked out a bright purple and pink bicycle.  

And this new bike has the one thing that her old bike didn't have and which Josie considers crucial to riding her bike up the big hills on Block Island:  gears.

Josie is ever so happy to finally have gears like the rest of us.

And she's glad to have a bike that is all her own and not a hand-me-down from her brother and sister.

And I was glad to see her riding it for the first time since it had been three months since we bought the bike and I was starting to worry that Josie would out-grow the darn thing before she ever got an opportunity to ride it.

We are so very over the snow, but that shouldn't shock anyone.  I am always ready for the spring when it finally arrives in New England.

So hurry up, warm weather!  We have bicycling to do!


TZRB said...

Girl. You should just hop a plane over here. Spring has sprung here in full-force! We can cure your winter blues in a snap. Of course, we never had a Winter. So that's a bit worrying ;) Love J's new bike! She looks rarin' to go conquer those hills!

Irene @ FindAuPair said...

Your daughter seems very happy with her new bicycle! Josie seems to be a very energetic and happy kid, she may become an athlete!Hopefully she will remain positive throughout the years.

Martha said...

T - How I wish I could!!! And how I wish I could say that WE never had a winter (although I know that CA needed a little water). But right now, I am looking out my office window and I can see a little grass poking it's way through the snow. It's a miracle!

Martha said...

Thank you, Irene. And thanks for leaving a comment.

Angie said...

Glad she finally got a chance to get out and ride! We have had a daily break in the snow here and there but then it's right back. Hopefully Spring will come and stay soon! I know Josie will be doing lots of riding when it does!!

Guymons said...

cool bike and great smile! and do you miss hockey yet???? haha!

(It's spring break here)

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