Thursday, March 13, 2014

Second Place

Henry's Bantam B hockey team made it to the State Tournament last weekend.  They won two games, lost a third (but by the correct margin), won a fourth and ended up in the finals on Sunday afternoon.  The girls and I drove down to Foxboro to watch the final game.  

The hockey team that Henry was on last year won the State Tournament  (click HERE to read about that happy event) in their division and we were excited to see whether his new team could continue the tradition.

The game was unbelievably exciting.

The opposing team got two crazy goals in the first period, but our team caught up.  And then the other team got a third goal.  

Our team was working hard.  Gordy could tell you how many shots on goal we had over the three periods, but I'm not able to.  The suspense was almost killing me and I had to cover my eyes more than a few times.  We tried and tried and tried but the goalie was just too good.  Nothing was getting into the net.

In his consolation speech to the boys at the end of the game, Gordy pointed out that our team had out-played the winning team.  Those two crazy goals at the beginning of the game had been about luck and not skill and the fact that most of the game was played around the other's team net, was telling indeed.  

It's sad that Henry's team came in second place, but making it to the State Final Tournament is still an impressive accomplishment.

I took photos, as I am wont to do.  I liked this series (which is in reverse order, by the way).  The photo below is Henry checking an opposing player into the boards and the photo above is them skating away.

In elementary school, this sort of behavior would have led to Henry having to write an apology letter to this young man, but in hockey, we pat him on the back for a job well-done.

Here is a photo of Gordy giving the boys one final speech before the start of the last period.  The team was down 3-2 and hope was still alive.

Hope was still alive until the final second - the boys were still shooting as the buzzer sounded.

Afterward, they lined up to get their second-place medals.

Here is Henry getting his medal from Gordy and the man who managed the tournament:

It wasn't the outcome we had hoped for, but the boys should still be proud of themselves.  It has been a good year for this team and they had a lot of fun.

But don't worry!  Hockey isn't over yet.  Heaven forbid.

Try-outs and placements have begun and Gordy and I are diving twice as much around the state bringing Henry and Josie to various ice rinks.  

I'm pretty sure that hockey is the longest season ever.  

And I'm also pretty sure that I won't be sad when it's over.  


Anonymous said...

Maybe if the coaching didn't stink, they would have won.....

- Chickenlegz (Voice of the Truth)

Guymons said...

you'll be sad!!!!!!

Angie said...

I love watching my kids in Sports! Sounds like you do too. I'm like you though, by the end of season I'm ready for a break

Martha said...

as if Chickenlegz. As if.

Martha said...

Diane - nope! I won't be sad. But I will be ready at the end of August to start it all back up again!

Martha said...

Angie - me too! I enjoy all the sports and all the competition, but by March, I'm ready for hockey to be over. It's way too long a season around here.

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