Friday, March 21, 2014

Woe Is Henry

I'm late getting my usual Thursday blog post up.  I'm sorry.  Just when things started looking up for Georgia's health, Henry took her place on the sick train.  Our house has been thrown into chaos.

It all started with a surgical procedure on Tuesday.  Henry had a baby tooth pulled, a bonus tooth-lette removed and his adult tooth, which is lying horizontally in the roof of his mouth, exposed.  And yes, it was as gruesome as it sounds.  

But wait - there's more!  The oral surgeon put a bracket on Henry's newly exposed tooth (which is in the roof of his mouth still) and attached a gold chain to the bracket and sent him on his novocained way.

And we've now learned that Henry is like me when it comes to novocaine.  It takes way longer for the effects to be felt than most dental practitioners imagine and when it does finally work, it leaves Henry (and me) feeling flu-ish and nauseous and generally awful.

Of all the things to inherit from his mother.  Henry really is one lucky kid.

We had two long, boring, painful days but by Thursday, Henry was starting to feel better.  So much better that he felt up to going to the mall and while there, the bracket fell off his exposed tooth, leaving the gold chain to dangle from the roof of his mouth in a very disturbing manner.

Which meant that TODAY, Henry was back in that surgeon's chair, breathing in more laughing gas (which did not make Henry laugh at all;  we deserve our money back), getting great quantities of novocaine, having his stitches removed, having the site reopened, a new bracket put on, a new gold chain added and then having the stitches reapplied.

And I watched the whole thing.  

It was really gross, but also really fascinating.

Now poor Henry is back to where he started - although this time his mouth hurts a whole lot more than it did the first time and he feels a thousand times worse than he did on Tuesday.  Not to mention the fact that he's very discouraged and concerned that this procedure is going to take up the entire second week of his spring vacation and not just the first.  And while we are on that subject, Henry would like it known that in general, this has been a pretty wretched vacation all around - even if you take out the whole two surgeries extravaganza.  His sisters are still in school so traveling to a warm location was impossible, his mother is still crazy busy doing normal tasks, so day trips have been out of the question, hockey placements are going on, he hasn't seen a single friend.  

I'm pretty certain Henry would happily go back to school if it meant that this nightmare would be over.

And on that cheerful note, Happy Weekend, everyone!


Guymons said...

Bradley had that same procedure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The chain didn't fall off though!!! Have you seen the youtube "David at the Dentist"...that kid had a similar surgery, too!

Anyway, I had never heard of anyone having it, but now know a few people, like Henry!!! Wonder how common it really is???

His adult tooth was up in like his nasal cavity and the roots had already grown in, so there was no way it was coming down on its own.

I dont know if I've been blogging long enough that the whole adventure played out over the years on my I should blog about it all, so you can read Bradley's mouth adventure!!! It's been a LONG, EXPENSIVVVVVVVVVVVE one!!!

Hope Henry is feeling better!!! NO FUN!!!

Bradley has two best friends...the three of them are a threesome. Well, the other two went snowboarding this week together...bradley wasnt invited....he has pretty hurt feelings and is really bored here with his friends both gone!!! He thinks this was the worst spring break ever, too!

Martha said...

Diane - poor Bradley!!! No one should have to go through this - but I know that the end results are important. Henry goes today to have something reattached and to have the putty removed from over the wound. It's going to be a long afternoon, I imagine!

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