Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Very Important Person: The Recap

I've been out-of-the-loop with this whole Josie / Third Grade VIP week.  The only time I remember the concept of the VIP week mentioned was during the class Open House back in September.  I heard the teacher explain how each child would fill out a personal questionnaire form to share with the class, I heard about the estimation jar each student would get to fill and I heard about the optional student presentation.  Josie's teacher passed out a schedule which clearly showed that my Josie's VIP week would fall at the end of March, which seemed a long, long time away from that exact moment... which is why I allowed myself to disregard the entire endeavour.

Fast forward five months - a time period in which Josie never once mentioned anyone else's VIP week - and suddenly it was Josie's turn to shine.  That's the way it is with third children (or in our family also second children or any child that is not Henry), they tend to fend for themselves.  Josie, like always, took charge of her whole project.  She filled out her own sheet, she worked on her own slide show presentation (with my typing and scanning help) and she chose her own medium for the estimation jar (146 cut pieces of paper). 

Since that's all that Josie did to prepare, I assumed that was all there was to VIP week.

So you can imagine my surprise when Josie brought home Friend Letters from her classmates.  Apparently the class writes letters to the VIP student to thank them for their VIP week.  

But there's more!  

When I read the letters, I learned that the VIP gets to spend the week sitting in a comfortable bean bag chair AND they get to choose and read a poem to the class.

The letters were a treat.

Here's my favorite from Josie's friend Dougie:

Is that legible?  I'll translate for you so you don't have to get out your reading glasses.

"Dear Josie,

I think you are a great friend.  It's always great to have you around because you can cheer up anybody. You're great at all the school's subjects.  You really know how to make someone laugh.

You're friend, Dougie"

Adorable, right?

(Side note:  I don't know this Dougie, but Josie sat next to him for a long time this winter and reported to me that she thought her teacher might move her soon since she and Dougie couldn't stop laughing.  It wasn't her fault, though, Dougie (Josie explained) is hilarious.  I mentioned this conversation to Josie's teacher during our spring conference and she found the whole thing amusing.  Dougie and Josie apparently were the two shyest, quietest kids in the class.)  

Here's the letter that informed me about the bean bag:

How did you like the bean bag chair?!?!  What bean bag chair?

Here are some of my other favorite quotations from the letters:

"What is your favorite instrument?  I'm guessing it is the cello."
"You are really good at math. In gym, you are good at volleyball."
"I never knew you liked spring."
"What's your third favorite color?  Mine is grass green or gold."
"Do you have a favorite type of gemstone?"
"Your estimation jar looks really tricky"

Josie and I read all the letters together and she told me all about her week sitting in a bean bag chair, and how she got to read a poem to her class and how the closest estimation guess was 150 (good job, Anna).  All in all, the VIP week was a great experience (for mother and child!)

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