Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter At Our House

On Easter morning, the children woke up early,  eager to find their Easter Basket.  The Easter Bunny hides the baskets at our house.

The children searched all the old places - behind the drapes in the family room, behind the door in the kitchen - to no avail.  It seems that the  Bunny got extra creative this year.

Georgia walked past her basket about five times.

It was hidden in my tote bag, which was hanging on a door knob in the kitchen.

We're still not sure how Henry managed to find his basket, which was hidden in the oven.  I mean, who thinks to look in the oven?!?!

Eventually, all the baskets were located and the candy-eating began.  

The Easter Bunny fills our baskets with candy (we like to be old school that way).  He does put in one toy, though and this year the girls got nail polish kits and Henry got a scuba flashlight.

I know a lot of people shun baskets full of candy, but I'm not one of those people. I wouldn't give my children that much junk everyday, but an occasional binge shouldn't hurt.

Later that morning, we headed over to our friends' house for an Egg Hunt.

When we arrived, Josie hid our family's eggs and then twenty minutes later, she picked them all back up:


Henry and some of the older boys "helped" too.  One of the boys' uncles had put money into the eggs and the 13 year olds were determined to get as much cash as they could get.

Georgia didn't bring her basket, but she did help her friend Katie find eggs.

It was a fun time and a good harvest:

The girls are now on Spring Break and between driving Henry to and from school, we are taking fun day trips and enjoying the slightly more pleasant weather.  More to follow!

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