Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fun For The Sun Deprived 2

Thursday was our Day of Rest during spring break.  I had an exercise class in the morning and we still had to drop off and pick up Henry from school like all the other days, but instead of doing an activity or planning a day trip, we elected to stay at home and relax.  I did suggest an outdoor picnic as a mid-day diversion but that was mostly because I didn't want boredom to set in, four o'clock arrive and be forced to listen to Georgia and Josie complain that it was the Most Boring Day Ever.  

I really wanted to enjoy the day off - I'd forgotten how exhausting Spring Break really is.

Which brings me to another interesting fact - we are working on getting Georgia to eat more protein.  I had started to type "getting Georgia to eat better" but that's not being honest.  Georgia does a great job when it comes to fruits, vegetables, dairy and carbohydrates... she just patently refuses to eat any protein.  And we're starting to get a little worried.  I'm planning to write a blog post to address this topic in full, but to summarize, Georgia had another appointment with her orthopedic surgeon and we learned some startling news.  Georgia is half-way through her growth spurt and her bone age is 12.

Georgia is 11.

And she's only 4 foot, 11 inches.  

Unless she wants to be itty-bitty for the rest of her life, Georgia needs to step up and start eating more balanced meals - including protein.  And she needs to do so quickly.  Not that we expect Georgia to be a giantess, but it would be grand if she at least got to my short height of 5'3".  Even with that, she's dooming herself to a life of shopping in the petit section, hemming every pair of pants and every skirt and dress she buys and the worst - THE WORST - being constantly picked up in high school and college.  And I'm not talking about the "hey baby, want to go on a date" type of pick up.  I'm talking about literally being removed from the ground and carried around like Bubbles the Chimp and Michael Jackson.  

I don't know what it is about young men and picking short girls up, but it happens and it's a real problem.  There is nothing worse than being picked up - except maybe clowns.  

Or being picked up by a clown.  OOOHH, that's scary.

But back to our picnic.  We did what I like to call a French Plate - coissants, cheese, fruit and a big scoop of natural peanut butter and a large tankard of milk for the adolescent shorty.

I refuse to believe it's too late for Georgia.


Josie's not exactly an amazon herself.  But at least she eats well and happily enjoys all meat and soy products.

It was a cold, cold windy day.  Our garden is only slowly showing signs of spring.  Most of our views were of a tree/shrub graveyard.

I'm hopeful that these will all grow back.

And I'm hopeful that this little miss will grow as well.

But the picnic needed to be cancelled right away.  It was way too windy to enjoy a pastry.

We moved back inside.


Elizabeth said...

How about greek yogurt for Georgia? That is very protein-rich....

Guymons said...

at least you got some good photos!

It's supposed to be 90 degrees here today. (That's not spring, that's summer!)

My kids dont have a problem with eating and are too big....I thought we had Everything in common, haha! But I hope she does get taller. Dont want her to have to be in a car seat or booster chair seat in high school (just kidding).

Protein is important....good luck. But dont stress over it.

I enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea they could even tell "bone age".
We will be on the outlook for some good protein sources!

Angie said...

My oldest won't eat any protein. At our last pediatrician visit they put her on a multi vitamin to help.

Martha said...

Tmm - it involved xraying her hand! And seeing the growth plates or some such thing.

Martha said...

E - ha! as if Georgia would eat Greek Yogurt!

Martha said...

Diane - I'm terribly jealous of your 90 degree day - I know that I shouldn't be!

Martha said...

Angie - I think we are headed on the multi-vitamin route, too!

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