Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Lacrosse

Henry is playing on two lacrosse teams:  a club team that he's played on for a few years and his middle school team which he just joined this year.  I went to his first middle school game last week and brought my camera along.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and looking at these photos makes me feel a little melancholy.  We New Englanders woke up to an inch of snow this morning.  And did I mention the freezing cold temperatures and the biting wind?  Can you tell that I'm bitter?

But back to Henry, his lacrosse game and the beautiful, bright sunny weather that was last week.

The game was exciting - Henry's team was losing 2-0 and then they scored two goals to tie it all up 2-2.  And then the other team scored and our team scored again to make the score 3-3.  Middle school lacrosse has a 4 minute overtime period but since neither team scored during those four minutes, the game ended in a tie.

Henry had told me that a few boys on his team had never played lacrosse before, so I wasn't expecting much from the game.  But I was pleasantly surprised at both the level of play and by the excitement of the game.  It was thrilling in a way that our family had yet to witness in about a month of watching our children's spring sports.  It hasn't been a winning season (yet) for any of the six Elliot teams.

In previous years, I'd say the most exciting thing about kids lacrosse is it's short season, but with nail-biting games like this middle school one, perhaps things are looking up.

That would be something.


Mia said...

He seems passionate about the sport

Guymons said...

great photos!

Glad it was exciting and sunny!

Hope for more successes in the future!

Martha said...

Mia - First of all, thank you so much for leaving a comment and welcome! Henry is very passionate about lacrosse and I'm glad that came through my photos. Thanks for stopping by.

Martha said...

Diane - Thank you!

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