Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Moon Journal

We've all been over-conscious of the moon lately.  And that is because for the last few weeks, Josie has been keeping a moon journal for school.

Her assignment was to observe the moon for at least ten days, sketch the moon's overall size and shape and write a minimum of two sentences for each sighting.

It's been a harder assignment than you would think.  First of all, it's not always easy to find the moon - especially when you are in the midst of the rainy New England spring.

And secondly, it's hard to remember to look for the moon when you are busy with soccer, carpools, lacrosse and general business.

Josie actually kept two journals:  a rough draft one for quick sketching and a descriptive word or two and the final draft copy on which she spent considerable time.

Both Gordy and I got way-involved in this moon journal.  Gordy called one morning to tell Josie that he saw the moon on his way to the gym.  He described what it looked like and Josie recorded the slighting in her journal.  Another day, I saw the moon in the afternoon above Henry's middle school lacrosse game in Cambridge.  I snapped the photo from the beginning of the post so that Josie would be able to copy the likeness.  Josie had a month to record the ten days but you'd be amazed how hard it was to find the moon ten times - especially after you ignore the assignment for the first seven days because your mother is just Too Busy To Help.

We usually went outside to the look for the moon either right before or right after dinner.

On this particular night, Josie found the moon quickly.  

Once all the data was collected, Josie got to work on her final draft.

In the end, she only did the required ten days, but her pictures were colorful and full of detail such as moon craters and clouds.  She's hoping for a good grade on the project but that means a check-plus in third grade.

A check-plus-plus, if she's really lucky!


Juliana Ellington said...

I know it happened in the middle of the night, but did y'all see the blood moon eclipse last night? I did wake up and did take a look, and it was amazing, but a long look was enough for me, so I missed all but that brief moment of seeing a sliver of bright white crescent with a murky red rest-of-the-moon.
(I'm Elisabeth's mother, and I read and enjoy all your posts.)

Guymons said...

Someone wrote something funny on Twitter last night during the eclipse...."Cool how there's a tree in the way. Good Landscaping parents!" haha, that's probably how kids really think. (hope not!)

I bet the teacher gave the project a month knowing they'd all only get about 10 days, knowing that it would be hard to find and they might not start on the very first day!

the plus plus grading cracked me up too, so true!!!

Martha said...

Hello Juliana! I'm so glad to hear from you! No - we didn't wake up to see the eclipse but I wish we had. I keep hearing how beautiful it was and I know that my children would have enjoyed the experience. I don't even have the excuse that I didn't know the eclipse was happening since NPR did a whole article about it that Henry and listened to on the way home from school. I'm just too lazy to get up in the middle of the night! Thanks for leaving a message and for reading my blog!

Martha said...

Diane - you are exactly right! I'm sure that Josie's teacher knew that 10 days was all she could expect from us!! Josie lives for those check plus pluses!

Angie said...

What a fun assignment. As a busy mom I could totally see how it would be too easy to forget to do it though. I like that she did a rough draft copy and a final copy. That was a very good idea. I bet Little Miss will get a check plus!

Martha said...

Angie - It was fun! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she DOES get that check-plus-plus. She certainly worked hard enough!

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