Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Very Important Person

This is Josie's week as the VIP in her third grade classroom.  The Very Important Josie filled out a sheet about herself (ie:  Favorite colors - purple and magenta, what she plans to do with her life:  be a cupcake baker), she filled a plastic estimation jar with small pieces of paper for her classmates to estimate and she made a power point slide show about her life thus far to present to her class.

I've tried to upload the slideshow to my blog, but it's just not working.  You will have to just take my word for it that the finished product was adorable.

It had to be since it included some perfectly adorable photos like the following one of my little black-haired baby girl:

The funny thing is that both my girls were born with black hair.  Georgia kept hers for almost 9 months before it fell out and turned blond.  Josie began to lose hers almost immediately (thus the bald old man look she's sporting above).  Josie's hair then went platinum blond before settling on it's current medium brown.  She obviously likes to mix things up.

Josie called this slide "Do You Want A Cupcake?"

Which is funny, because to me this picture shows a little girl with a two-handed death grip on a cupcake.  Josie was definitely not a good sharer when it came to cupcakes.

She still isn't.

I have the original photos Josie used for her presentation sitting next to me on my desk and I've been looking at them frequently over the last week.

I don't really remember the children being this small:  

I always think my children are really old - until they move to the next stage and I look at old photos.

When I do that, I think I'm crazy not to have noticed how truly little they were.

For instance, I look at the following photo and wonder, "why did we allow that little toddler to take ballet class and to perform on stage?"

Doesn't Josie look like she's two?  

But she wasn't.  Georgia is missing her two front teeth, so I'd wager to guess that she's in the first grade, which makes her six and Josie four.  

Still young for stage performances, I suppose, but everyone we knew was doing it and this photo wasn't even from their first year!

I probably wouldn't go back to life when my children were this age even if I was given the chance.  I'm really enjoying the ages that my children are now.  You can have a real conversation with all three of them and they say and do some very interesting things.  I enjoyed them when they were little, don't get me wrong, but older children are just as fun - if not a little more fun.

Next year I'll have a high schooler, a middle schooler and an elementary schooler.  Crazy, right?  People always say that time flies and now I know that they are right.


Angie said...

Gosh, time does fly. My oldest will be 16 this year and that seems virtually impossible for me to believe.

Anonymous said...

My daughters had the same Mini-Boden dress as Georgia is wearing with the polka dots and flowers. They do grow fast, don't they? Held my friend's 2 month old yesterday and it was heaven! Can't really remember my kids being that little - seems like a lifetime ago - Janet

Martha said...

Angie - the teenage years go especially fast it seems. My niece turns 16 this year and I remember her just as clearly when she was 1!

Martha said...

Janet - I always loved that Mini-Boden dress! It got a lot of use in our house since Josie wore it once Georgia outgrew it. I'm jealous of you newborn fix! I'd love to hold a baby and smell that wonderful newborn smell.

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