Thursday, May 15, 2014

More Lacrosse

You wouldn't know it from this blog, but Henry isn't the only Elliot playing spring lacrosse.   Georgia is on a club lacrosse team, too.

It just so happens that when the weekend schedules come out and we are organizing who will drive whom and where, I often take Henry and Josie and Gordy more often than not takes Georgia.  It has nothing to do with preference and everything to do with timing, travel distance and over-lapping.  But it's also probably for the best because (and lean forward so I can whisper this...) girls u11 lacrosse is really, really boring.

Don't tell Georgia I said that.

That's not to say that I wouldn't mind watching one of Georgia's lacrosse games or having the opportunity to take some photos for our albums.  

I'll get that chance this weekend since Henry's game is in one state, very early in the morning and Georgia's game is in another state later on.  I don't do early mornings very well and I'm more than happy to pull the old "You're The One Who Wants Them To Play This Sport" card and make Gordy take the sunrise shift.

Don't feel badly for Gordy.  He ALWAYS gets up early - even when there is no game to drive to.  And besides, these photos that you are looking at?  They were taken by me during last weekend's lacrosse game...... which was held in RHODE ISLAND.  That's right, I drove Henry an hour and a half out of state for an hour and a half game.  

So Gordy owes me one.

Henry is currently on two teams:  this team, which is a club team and his middle school's team.  

Currently, I prefer the middle school team.  They practice and play all their games in the early afternoon and most of their away games are at schools that are closer to our house than Henry's school is, and if I meet him at the game, we're already more than half-way home.  

Oh.  And they play well, too.  

You know what I mean.

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