Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Parents and I Have An Adventure

I took my parents to Block Island yesterday.  It was fun to be a tourist on the island that I've come to know so well.  We walked along the southern beaches.

And admired the ocean view from the bluffs:

It was the most gorgeous, spring day on the island.  The sun was shining, the ocean was calm and the breezes were minimal.

I'm so glad that for their first trip to the island, my parents got to see Block Island at it's best.

Later, we bought a lunch and "hiked" to the North Light to enjoy a picnic with the seagulls:

And then we took a driving tour of the island before stopping back at the house for sunshine filled rest.

We had to catch the 3 o'clock ferry home, so it wasn't the longest trip, but it was a still a good one.  I can't wait to be back on the island - I'm ready for a long, hot, summer vacation.


Guymons said...

Had they ever been there before?

It does look like it was a beautiful day!

I'm not a fan of seagulls, but you took some really nice seagull pictures!!!!

In fact, I enjoyed all the photos. Your dad looked like he had fun!

Do you own a house there now?

Guymons said...

wrong place to write this I'm sure, but I cant blog about it and you seem like a sympathetic ear....

You know how I do yard duty at Andrew's school....and you know how kids are kinda cruel sometimes.....

On Monday, Andrew came out for lunch, sat with the "cool kids"...they got up and moved....he moved to where they went....then moved back to the original table....he stayed where he was all alone.

After lunch he went over and played basketball with them....he didnt really even have hurt feelings or mind...but I felt almost heartbroken for him.

Why are kids mean...(more of a statement than question)....and sometimes I think it would be better if I didnt see it!!! (but I also wonder, why do they treat the yard duty's kid bad....with me right there!!!! such confidence in the fact that they wont get in trouble!!!)

Mindy P said...

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Martha said...

Thanks for the advice, Mindy P.

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