Sunday, May 18, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect

Gordy had Josie outside, practicing her hockey shooting this morning.  

She's had a month off from hockey, but her new team has been sending out emails detailing practice and skill opportunities over the spring and summer.

There's a skill session today, but Josie will miss it because she's going to a friend's birthday party instead.

I'm sure we'll have Josie attend a few of the pre-season sessions, if only so that she gets a chance to meet some of the other girls on her team.

Until then, Gordy is happy to practice with Josie at home.


Angie said...

A wonderful way for the two of them to bond!

Guymons said...

looks like she has good form!

Martha said...

Angie - You are so right! Josie enjoys every minute she gets to spend with her dad.

Martha said...

Thanks, Diane! She's been working on it!

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