Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Cleaning Two

The day after Josie and I reorganized her room, I tackled the other huge project I had on my Spring Cleaning list:  Henry's lego collection.  Henry used to be a big fan of lego.  For years, he received various kits for birthday and holiday gifts and he spent countless hours building each model, brick by brick.  And then he would take them all apart, put the pieces in a gigantic bin in his bedroom and move on to the next project.  He did use the binned bricks to build his own towns, boats, kingdoms, but these structures were never big enough to utilize the millions of lego pieces he kept in the bin.

And then - about two years ago - Henry's lego days came to an end.  He started asking for different things on his gift lists and he stopped playing with lego altogether.  

And yet the bin remained in his room because, as you might have guessed, it weighed about 300 pounds and was way too heavy and cumbersome for me to move.

And I may have been - JUST A TIDGE - unmotivated to do anything about it because I'm lazy and they were, after all, nicely housed in a bin.

I had Josie pose by the bin so you could get a really good feel for how large the container was:

But the photo shoot didn't last too long before we started The Great Lego Project.  We each took a small bin and filled them up with pieces from the large bin, taking time to remove all lego people and anything that looked of value or was not a lego.

This took considerable time.

You might be wondering where I got all those little bins - the answer is that they were shoe boxes back from my old house when I didn't have my own closet and I had to share storage space with Josie.  Since my shoes had to be stacked on a high shelf, I labelled each box so that finding and removal would be easy.  

Which is why it might be a little confusing to whomever takes a box labelled "Nara's Wedding Shoes 2000" or "Red Strappy Sandals 2003" from our town Swap Shop and finds lego inside.

This is the finished product (minus two boxes that Gordy took to work to give to co-workers):

And then the ebay-ing began.  Some of those Lego Figurines are actually worth something.

Gordy and Henry did their research, chose fair prices, lumped some figurines into more sell-able groups and posted them to ebay.

So far, they've sold a set of Toy Story guys, two River Monsters and a C3PO and they've made about $60.  Not bad!

I'm so relieved to finally have that lego bin out of Henry's room and I'll be even happier when we find homes for all that lego and the lego figures.  

Next up?  Henry's bedroom toybox.  But that will have to wait for awhile.  I'm too tired from this year's Spring Cleaning to tackle anything so ambitious.  Maybe right before he leaves for college.

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Guymons said...

forget the tattooed dolls.....you should have saved those Legos for your grandkids!

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