Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Fifth Grade Art Journal

The fifth graders in our school are the only students who get art homework.  At the beginning of the year, the art teacher hands out a journal and periodically, she assigns an art project for the kids to do at home.  Georgia was working on her latest assignment last night after lacrosse practice.

The assignment involved an envelope - or decorating an envelope?  I have no idea.  I just wanted Georgia to finish up quickly, so we could all go to bed.

While Georgia created her envelope, I flipped through the other pages of her art journal and snapped some photos.  The above sketch is of a room.

And she had another one that I liked that was of a house.

Not all the projects were sketches:

I liked this multi-media weaving project - especially the parts that were zebra-patterend.

I would hazard a guess that all these art projects are another way to prepare the fifth graders for the homework nightmare that awaits them in middle school.  It's important for the students to learn how to manage homework assignments from multiple classes and how to budget their time.  

And while most times, I think these art journals are great and any education these children get in the arts is wonderful, the thought did occur to me while I waited impatiently for Georgia to finish, that this envelope assignment was also a critical lesson in how to force yourself to do all assigned busy work.  

I'm not sure how many envelopes Georgia is going to have to decorate in her lifetime.  

This is after all, the generation that will probably never write a check and all party invitations are on-line.

I guess there's always the thank you note.

The good news is that the envelope did eventually get finished, and we did, eventually get to bed.  There's only a month and a half of school left... the art journal is probably at it's end.


Janet said...

Love the artwork - and your green Kate Spade bag - I just switched to my "summer" green Kate Spade bag this morning!

Martha said...

Thank you, Janet! It's a cheery handbag, that green one. I usually pull it out in the spring, when I'm sick and tired of my black bag and the dreary winter.

Angie said...

What a cute idea! I agree though, total busy work!!

My kids only have 2 weeks left and we can't wait for it to be out :)

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