Thursday, May 22, 2014

The May Day Pageant

Today was our elementary school's annual May Day Pageant.  The forecast called for rain, so the principal moved the ceremony indoors in the middle school auditorium.  

While I'm sure some people grumbled about being cooped up indoors, I couldn't have been more pleased.  May Day is usually held outside on a field and in years past, no matter how early I've arrived, I've never managed to arrive early enough to get front row seat.

At least in the auditorium, most of the seats have a good view.

And I'm all about the view.

I got some shots of Josie walking in with her class:

And I got a few shots of Georgia setting up her drum:

The fifth graders sat on risers on the stage, but the younger children sat in the audience and did their performances from their seats (for the songs) or on the stage in front of the fifth graders and in the orchestra pit.  

Funny Josie-ism:  I asked Josie where she would be doing her dance (I meant which side of the stage) and she said "in the pit."  

It sounds so dramatic and biblical.

Josie's group was in the middle of the performance and they did the stick dance.

I got some great shots of Josie and her classmates dancing in the pit with the rest of the third graders dancing on the stage.

Next came the fifth grade band, with Georgia playing flute in the front.

And after the fourth graders had braided the May Pole, it was time for the fifth graders to do the Grand Finale - the "sword" dance.

Only it's really more of a Yard Stick Dance, if you ask me.

The Sword Dance is a big event - one that the younger classes look forward to dancing from kindergarten on.  It involves a whole lot of dancing in circles and then the creative weaving of the sticks to form a star which the fifth graders hold up to great applause.

Georgia was the leader of her group and therefore got to supervise the weaving and she got to hold up the star at the end for all to see:

Very thrilling.

And with that, May Day was over for another year.


Angie said...

What a cool event. I love the photos. Thanks for sharing :)

Guymons said...

I was going to all the white shirts and khaki bottoms in your town have sold out...haha!

And great photos!

Fun event.

Martha said...

Thanks, Angie!

Martha said...

Diane - So true!!! They do that May Day uniform every year and every year, we scramble to find tan shorts!!!

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