Sunday, June 22, 2014

An Outdoor Dance Party, Courtesy of Kinivo Mini-Speaker

We got the most adorable, little speaker in the mail the other day.  The kind people at Kinivo sent us one of their portable, mini-speakers to try and we used it's arrival as an excuse to have a cocktail and dance party out on our deck.  

The Kinivo mini-speaker is itty-bitty:  it fits easily into my hand and it is incredibly light-weight.  But don't let it's tiny size fool you.  The Kinivo mini-speaker may be small, but it's powerful.

The Kinivo speaker worked perfectly to amplify our iphones, and it's small, easily-mobile size let us bring music everywhere we went.  I am old enough that I remember boom boxes and walkmans.  Having a speaker that fits into your hand is a whole different definition of the word portable.

I let Josie try out the mini-speaker first.  Like all children of her generation, Josie can figure out electronics instinctively.  Within seconds of taking the Kinivo speaker out of the box, she had the charging cord plugged into an outlet and her dad's iphone plugged into the side.  

She then figured out that the top of the mini-speaker pops up, she pressed the on-button, easily adjusted the volume and began to dance.

The whole process was a quick and simple as can be.

Even I might have been able to do it.

After the mini-speaker battery was charged, we brought it outside to our deck and enjoyed music, cocktails and chips in the fresh air.  

And like moths to a flame, our children appeared, eager to stuff their faces with guacamole and to enjoy the tunes.

It was fabulous to finally have some music on our back porch.  Who needs fancy, expensive outdoor speakers installed when for under $20, you can own a Kinivo mini-speaker?  

The only real problem we encountered was deciding who got to control the iphone.  For the most part, Gordy took the role of DJ.

....but the girls had their turns, too.  Once you plug in your iphone, you don't have to do anything else with the speaker.  Controlling the playlist is done on the iphone itself.

This was an impromptu party, so the only invited guest other than our family was our neighbor Audrey who was over playing with the girls.

She wasn't so sure about the dance party at first, but soon the rhythm got to her, too.  Music is very infectious.

Bringing our dance party outside was great fun.  Thank you, Kinivo Mini-Speaker!  We think you're pretty great.  You're welcome to come to all our Dance Parties in the future.

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