Thursday, June 26, 2014

Georgia Moves On

Is it just me, or does anyone else think it sounds oddly morbid to call Graduation, a "Moving On Ceremony"?  

At the very least, it's kind of kaiser-sosey-ish, right?

I'm not sure what happened to the word Graduation here in Massachusetts.  No one uses it.  Massachusettian children are simply not allowed to graduate from elementary school... instead, they "move on."  

Georgia did her moving on Monday night.

She dressed up for the occasion (please ignore the oozing scab on her knee and the multiple bruises on her shins).

Georgia has an enormous elementary school class - 95 kids Moved On from our school.  The school auditorium is tiny at best, so I did the math (95 kids x 2 parents) and decided that we needed to get to the school early in order to guarantee ourselves a seat.

My plan worked, which was a huge relief.  I prefer to be sitting down while my child is Moving On.

The fifth graders began the evening with two songs about growing up and leaving the nest - songs that were designed to bring tears to the eyes of overly emotional mothers.  I was not one of those overly emotional mothers.  It's pretty easy to stay dry-eyed if you keep in mind that these kids aren't leaving for college or a job and their own apartment.  They are going across the street (literally) to the Middle School.  The nest will hardly be empty.

Perhaps if we scrapped the whole Moving On concept and instead, called it a Graduation, the overly emotional mothers wouldn't continue to associate the event with a memorial service.

It's just a thought.

After the songs, the Principal spoke a few words about growing up.  Or about being good citizens.  I don't really remember.  I was ready for the Moving On Ceremony Awarding Of The Certificates.

Which happened soon enough.  Georgia climbed the steps, walked across the stage, shook hands with her teacher, got her certificate and made it all the way back down the stairs without tripping or falling on her rear end, and that, my dear readers, was the biggest achievement of her elementary school career.

Take that short leg!!!

I can walk across this stage and not trip once!  It's called PT, bi-otches!

And with that (smack) - she was gone.


Angie said...

It's called "moving up" here. I guess that sounds better than "moving on" though LOL

She is a beautiful young lady!

Martha said...

Angie - I think you're right! Moving Up sounds much better than Moving On!!! Much less morbid!

Guymons said...

yep, they REFUSE to use the word "graduation" here either. They say the kids haven't earned that yet, I guess. Here both 6th grade and 8th grade moving on ceremonies are called "promotions".

She looks great! Your blogging is funny!

I like the yawning kid in the singing picture!!!

Martha said...

Diane - I think I prefer "promotion" to "moving on." Promotion has a more prettier sound. I saw that yawning kid when I was posting that photo! ha! I guess he was bored by the whole thing!

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