Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gordy and I Get Fancy

Last night, Gordy and I got all gussied up and went to a formal dinner hosted by his company.  I called it the Partner's Prom.

The Prom was held at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the dress code was a strict black tie.

I decided to go all out.  I bought a new dress and new earrings and had my hair done.  I spent more time getting ready for this formal than I did getting ready for my own Prom - or even my own wedding for that matter.

Why not take advantage of a very rare occasion to get fancy?

I brought my ipad to the hairstylist and showed her pictures I had collected on pinterest for my hair.  I wanted a low bun but with softer sides and I wanted it all hair-sprayed in place so I wouldn't have to worry about it all night.

Riane, Updo Extraordinaire, did a great job and I'm happy to report that my usually uncooperative hair didn't move an inch all night.

Gordy looked very handsome in his tux - purchased for his sister's wedding back in 1992.  It fit perfectly, but needed a little updating from the local tailor.

The event was actually in honor of the company's CEO, but someone on the planning committee must have the same sense of humor that I do.  The presence of a "prom" photographer in the entrance to the party made me think that I wasn't the only person who was calling this event the Partner's Prom.

Here's our photo:

We thought about doing a cheesy prom pose, but thought better of it at the last minute.

We enjoyed our night on the town even though the late night made getting up early for the school run (and work) more than a little difficult this morning.  Such is life in society.  :)


Guymons said...


Cathrine Knol said...

Wow, you were just beautiful (your husband looked very handsome too)! Love the earrings and your hair. And dress , I want it myself :-). You are the party people aren't you ;-). Have a nice day (evening here in NL). x

Martha said...

Thanks, Diane! I felt very glamourous!

Martha said...

Thanks, Cathrine! I wanted big earrings since I knew that my hair would be up and I could show them off! We may have pretended to be party people last night, but tonight, I'll be in my pajamas, watching tv! :)

TZRB said...

ooh! Very fancy. Love the hair (and earrings, dress..)! If only my wedding hair had been that glam! You both look fantastic. But seriously, you looked pretty stunning at your wedding as well. You both hardly look that much older than on that gorgeous day. Aging gracefully and stylishly ;) xoxo

Sean said...

You guys look great!

Martha said...

Thanks, Tara! And you are crazy - you're wedding hair was gorgeous!!! And very glam!

Martha said...

Thanks, Sean!

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