Sunday, June 8, 2014

Henry Turns 14

Last week, Henry turned 14.  His age finally matches his behavior:  Henry has been acting like a full-fledged teenager for months now.  You can take my word for it, or you can just come to that conclusion yourself by looking at all the photos in this post.  Like all teenage boys, Henry will not allow me to take a normal photo.  When he isn't moving at the last minute (thus the blurry photo above), he's making faces or acting goofy.  I guess I prefer this behavior to what he's doing the other half of the time, which is acting quiet and sullen.  

The best photo I got during the day was probably this one:

Although this photo, wasn't bad either:

This is how he posed when I first told him to hold still so I could take a photo.  Charming, right?

(he was trying on his 8th Grade graduation outfit, so we could determine whether or not he could get one last wear out of his dress pants.  Answer?  yes.  They might be a little shorter than normal, but no one would notice).  

We started the day like we always do on Elliot Birthdays - early.

Henry wanted to tackle Birthday Mountain before school and since he leaves for school at 6:30, that meant a very early morning indeed for the girls.  

Henry got many great gifts.

And was very pleased with all his presents (thank you notes to arrive shortly)

It is our birthday tradition that the birthday child gets to pick their dinner menu and cake.  Henry chose baked ziti and a pound cake with strawberry sauce and buttercream frosting.

I had time in the morning to make the icing, which I did, and afterward, I put the bowl into the refrigerator which was a mistake.  When it was time to frost the cake in the afternoon, I realized that the icing was as hard as a rock and even after I put it back in the mixer to warm it up, it was still impossible to spread.  

It was not my most beautiful creation.

Henry's biggest birthday gift was the fact that his school year ended just a few days after his birthday and so he is now at the start of his three-month-long summer vacation.  His sisters have a month more of school to go - so ha!  He and I will spend the next week going to orthodontist and dentist appointments and packing for his first sleep-over camp.  Henry will then go to said camp for two weeks and when he gets back, his sisters will still be in school (although barely).  

So ha, again!

Happy Birthday, Henry.  And Happy Summer, too.


Cathrine Knol said...

Happy birthday to Henry! Isn't it lovely with teenagers in the house? I have two grumpy ones myself :-). On a rare occasion I get a big hug from them, priceless! My youngest son is 10 so he still my little baby :-). You have 3 months summervacation? We "only" have 6 weeks here in Holland (19 july to the end of August). 3 of them we are going to spend in Norway. Haven't seen my mother in 3 years now! And don't speak about the rest of my family, too many years ago! Can't wait to see and hug them again :-). Enjoy your special time with Henry before he goes to camp!

Martha said...

Thank you, Cathrine! Only Henry gets three months, the girls get two. Henry goes to an independent school which doesn't have to obey the public school rules of making up for snow days etc. I'm jealous of your Norway trip - I've never been to Norway and it's definitely on my "list." How great that you get to see your mother and spend time with your family. I hope you have a wonderful summer.

Angie said...

Such a nice day for him. That cake sounds delicious! I bet he is loving being out of school while the girls are still having to go. I know my kids would :)

Martha said...

Angie - you know he does!!! He's happy to be done with school and he's even happier to be able to rub it in the faces of his sisters (which I can't blame him for at all!)

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