Sunday, June 1, 2014

It's Party Time

It's that time of year when all the sports teams have an End of The Year party.  We had Henry's hockey team party at our house a couple of weekends ago.  I don't have any photos of the party because Henry had me on a strict photo ban.  I'm not sure how great any photos taken at the event would have been anyway, since most of the boys sped by in blurs as they rushed between playing outside and stuffing their faces with food.  

I had only slightly more success taking photos last night at Josie's town soccer team party.  This party was held down the street from our house at the home of another soccer teammate.  I brought my camera along, hoping to document the fun of the evening, but instead I came home with a only a handful of shots and most of them terribly unfocused.  I put my camera down rather quickly and spent the evening talking and laughing with the other parents.  I do so enjoy this group of soccer girls and their parents.

Gordy and Georgia had to miss the party since they were at Georgia's soccer game in Connecticut.

Henry joined us after his lacrosse game - those are his feet on the right of the above photo.  

We have Georgia's soccer party tonight.  It starts just as Josie's cello recital is ending and continues on through the time when we have to get Josie off to another soccer game (this time one she is watching, not playing in).  There's also a birthday party thrown into the afternoon, which I'm not optimistic that we will get to.  After all, Georgia has a soccer practice before her soccer party and someone needs to get her to that.  

It really is party season.

The last photo I got last night was of the "sushi" served as dessert:

Adorable no?  Talk about creative mothers!

This is the start of Henry's last week of school.  He "graduates" from eighth grade on Friday and there's another ceremony and a small party.  That's the only thing that ends, though.  All these End-of-the-Season Parties don't actually occur at the end of the season.  There are still a few weeks left of all these soccer programs.  And of the cello lessons.  The girls still have a month of school left and during that month, there will be more parties still.  Georgia is leaving elementary school this year and there is a pool party, a moving-up ceremony and some other fifth grade event I am forgetting.  

  We really are wild and crazy party people!

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