Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Cello Recital

Josie had her cello recital last Sunday afternoon.  You might remember that Josie began learning to play the cello at school this fall and then added weekly private lessons with a local teacher in the winter.  This was Josie's first cello recital and her first solo.  

 She was very excited - and so was I.

Josie missed the dress rehearsal (don't ask, the guilt is still too fresh.  Let's just say that sometimes mothers forget things), so her teacher had us come early before the recital so Josie could practice coming onto the "stage," playing her piece with the piano and her bow. 

The piece was "Land of the White Birch" and Josie played it perfectly.

She even did a good job of starting with her teacher (who played the piano accompaniment) which wasn't the easiest thing since the piano was located a full head-turn behind Josie.

Josie's piece was in the middle of the recital, so she sat with us and watched the other students perform until it was her turn.

I didn't take any photos during the actual moment because I was worried the flash would distract Josie and I wanted her to do her best.  I did snap a photo right after she did her bow:

Up until this moment, I wasn't sure if Josie was going to continue on with cello lesson in the fall.  The logistics of getting Josie to and from the lesson itself was unbelievably stressful and we had to rely a lot on the mother of Josie's cello partner.  

But after the concert, I was less inclined to pull Josie out of lessons.  She had a warm, clear tone and she seems to have a great ear for out-of-tune notes.  It seems foolish to not give the lessons more time.  We'll work out the driving schedule - we always do.  What's one more activity, right?


Elizabeth said...

She looks like she has really good form too! I'm impressed.

Irene @ FindAuPair said...

You have a great daughter. She has a lot of talent. I wish her all the best!

Martha said...

That good form takes a lot of work - and it's the exact opposite of a violin-player's form, so it's been hard for me to correct.

Martha said...

Thank you, Irene! I think she's pretty great, too!

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