Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Clara Barton Project

After weeks of working very dilengenly on the project, Josie finished up her scrapbook of Clara Barton.  

The scrapbook is a long-term assignment that all the third graders at our school accomplish.  You may remember that Georgia did her scrapbook on Alexander Graham Bell.  (click HERE to read about Georgia's project) The third graders can pick any subject, the only requirement is that the person they chose has to be from Massachusetts.  

The project comes with strict, detailed instructions.  It begins with a colorful cover and moves on to a Dear Reader letter that acts as a table of contents.

The children are supposed to research their subject by using books from the library and the internet.  Josie was lucky enough to find a 10 minute documentary on Clara Barton on the Red Cross website which was very interesting and informative.  

She and I worked on the Life Summary together.  Josie dictated and I typed what ended up being a rather long summary.

The diary page had to be hand-written, so Josie did that by herself.  She chose to write about the day that Clara Barton narrowly missed being killed on the battlefield while delivering supplies to the troops and helping the doctors.  I enjoyed Josie's very rational interpretation of Clara's surprise at being shot through the dress sleeve - "... maybe I should move over a little bit!"

The next pages include a commemorative stamp and two pieces of memorabilia from the person's life.

The four books Josie checked out on Clara Barton have never been opened, so I'm not sure if you could really call this a research project.  Josie did had fun doing this project and I guess that's what's important - along with learning how to budget her time and how to follow a long list of detailed instructions.  Unlike her brother and sister, Josie has never been assigned a project that she didn't start and finish right away.  The Clara Barton scrapbook was no exception.  Most of the pages she did on her own, unprompted and while I was in the car driving another child to or from an activity.  

Which means, I suppose, that this was my personal favorite :)


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