Tuesday, July 15, 2014

An Early Morning Walk

I had to bring my car into the service station the other day.  The door handle of the back passenger seat randomly fell off and I was finally having it repaired after weeks of making Josie climb in on Georgia's side and slide across the seats.  I've learned the hard way that our service station works on a first come, first serve basis, so I wanted to make sure we would be one of the firsts and I also wanted a little company for my walk home, so I announced that anyone who wanted to drive downtown with me, drop off the car and walk home would be rewarded with a donut.

Josie was the only one who took me up on my offer.

We dropped off the car bright and early at 7:15am and headed over to Dunkin Donuts where Josie spent her time choosing the largest donut she could find.  

Then we slowly meandered home, stopping to admire a large flock of geese who were swimming in our town pond.

There really is nothing better than a summer morning.  I love the fact that even though we had a few appointments scheduled throughout the day, it still felt like we had all the time in the world and nothing pressing to do.  We are so busy throughout the school year that there's something so very intoxicating about two months worth of free days in a row.  My name is Martha and I am a summer-aholic.

We did speed up at the end of our journey when that dinner-plate-sized donut was finally finished and Josie was desperate for a drink.  She even tried to get a quick sip from a neighborhood sprinkler:

Which doesn't work, if you are ever thinking about trying it.

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