Thursday, July 17, 2014

Good Harbor Beach

A few days after Henry got home from camp, Gordy and Georgia left for a ten-day trip to Spain for a soccer tournament.  I don't mind single-parenting but not if the children needing parenting are bored and complaining.  I decided to nip boredom in the bud by planning multiple outings and adventures.  Our first trip was to Gloucester, Massachusetts to spend the day on Good Harbor Beach.  

We arrived early enough that we had most of the beach to ourselves.  And it was low tide which meant that the sandbar was visible and the area was perfect for snorkling.

I chose a spot for the beach towels, and Josie and Henry went off to explore.  The weather was beautiful and there were soothing breezes coming off the water.  I had a good book and a full water bottle and I was ready to hunker-down for the day and enjoy the seaside.

Sadly, the kids had other ideas.

The water was freezing.


And that fact was pretty shocking.  Maybe we've never been to this beach so early in the summer season before?  Or maybe the storm which was approaching (see Tornado! on the sidebar) was accompanied by cooler ocean temperatures?  I don't know.  

All I do know was that I was on the beach, in the sun and STILL hearing that my children were bored.

You can imagine my annoyance.

I tried to ignore them for as long as possible.  I have been seriously sun-deprived for months and I was going to enjoy myself.

Henry was done for the day, but Josie was willing to give the ocean one more try.

She made it up as far as her thighs before succumbing to the cold and giving up.

It may not have been The Perfect Activity, but it was something.

And I had fun.


Angie said...

Oh I can't imagine your annoyance! It looked beautiful though even if it was cold!

Martha said...

Angie - thanks! Mothers always understand annoyance!

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