Thursday, July 10, 2014

Henry's Home!

Henry's home from camp!  He spent two weeks in North Carolina at a marine-biology / scuba diving summer camp and we missed him terribly.  I personally missed him so much that I insisted that we leave for the airport super-early in case we hit some of that famous Friday Cape Cod traffic along the way.  I wanted to be there waiting when he got off that escalator at the end of his flight.  

You know what happened, don't you.

We got to the airport way too early obviously.  

My obsessive punctuality can be a real curse.  To Gordy, I mean.

Georgia was at a soccer practice that night and Josie wasn't feeling well.  We'd find out the next morning that she had a bacterial infection and needed to be put on antibiotics, but at this point, we just thought maybe she was getting a flu.

She was freezing and in pain.  

I spent the majority of my time giving her updates on how many minutes we still had to wait.

Gordy would call this payback.

At last the moment we'd all be waiting for arrived and we watched Henry descend that escalator back to us.  He survived his first time away from home and he survived his first time flying all by himself.

And I survived both of those things, right along with him.

As for the camp:  Henry loved it.  His favorite parts were the marine biology work at the Turtle Hospital but he enjoyed the scuba diving portion as well and is now a certified scuba diver.  The campers were kept busy doing service work, helping out at the hospital, bathing and feeding rescued turtles, learning tons about marine wildlife and the ocean eco-system and playing, surfing and paddle boarding.

Henry was tan, hoarse and happy.  

We're glad to have him home.

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