Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our Day Trip Summer: Falmouth

I am so loving this Day-Trip summer of ours.  Especially when it means spending a wonderful day with our great friends Kathy, Ethan, Reed & Lauren in Falmouth, MA.  

There's so much to do in Falmouth - and we did a lot during our time there - but the trip was really incredibly relaxing and being able to spend the day with our friends was the best part.

Josie loved playing on the beach with Lauren.

And then there was the hot tub...

... and we went to an art fair in the town of Falmouth where the kids pigged out on Strawberry Shortcake,

... and fried fair food...

The conversation never ended, the laughter never stopped and I guess that the kids had fun together, too.  


Thanks for the great times, K family!  We were sorry to say good-bye!


Angie said...

Wonderful day :)

Martha said...

It really was, Angie!

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