Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our Last Trip To Spectacle Island?

Henry got home from camp late Friday night and bright and early the next morning, he left for a weekend trip to New Hampshire with some of his town friends.  It is wasn't for the three loads of laundry I stayed up until midnight to do so he'd have clothes to bring with him to NH, I'd have said it was like he never came home.

Henry was gone by 9:30 but the rest of us were free for the entire weekend.  

Josie and I decided that we wanted to go to Spectacle Island (which is one of the Harbor Islands in Boston).  We travelled to Spectacle Island before when my sister Meredith and her girls visited us back in 2011 (click HERE to read about that journey) and Josie had a return trip on her summer bucket list this year.  I had a feeling that there was no way we'd get Henry to come back to Spectacle Island so this Henry-free weekend seemed like a good opportunity.

Josie was excited.

Gordy was mildly excited.

And Georgia was thoroughly annoyed and angry.

Like all good pre-teens, she had scheduled an afternoon of face-timing and texting with friends and this trek was interrupting perfectly good phone time.  

Mind you that all the friends that Georgia frequently face-times and texts all live within a one mile radius of each other's houses.  And they all have perfectly good legs and bicycles, so there's no real excuse for not just getting together and talking in person.

Even with the dreadful attitude, I made Georgia come with us on our day trip.  Learning to suffer through things you don't want to do, is a good life skill.

Her mood improved steadily once we arrived on the island and bought her a Sprite.

See her pretty grimace?

We did all the activities that you are meant to do when visiting Spectacle Island.  We searched for beach glass / pottery and walked along the beach.  We climbed the rock paths and made our way up and over the center of the island back to the boat docks.  

I thought we were having a pleasant enough time, so I was surprised when after I asked Gordy if he wasn't having a great time on his first trip to Spectacle Island, he replied "It's just like Hell.  Only hotter."

We got back on the ferry shortly after that and left Gordy's hell behind.  Josie and I had enjoyed our excursion, but Gordy and Georgia made it clear that they are happily finished with Spectacle Island and have no plans to ever go back in the future.  Henry, upon hearing that we went to the island without him, expressed nothing but great pleasure that he had missed the opportunity.  

So that's it.  I think we're all Spectacle-Island-ed out.  It's a shame, too, since it's an easy trip and it's fun to get off the mainland for awhile.  

The good news is that in all their complaints, my dear family never mentioned any of the OTHER harbor islands, so as far as I'm concerned there will be more day trips in our future.  

Heh heh.

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