Sunday, July 27, 2014

Roller Disco

The weather has been so nice for the past week that it's inspired me to take some evening walks.  I always try to recruit as many family members as I can get for my strolls and on one occasion, Josie and Georgia agreed to join Gordy and I as long as they were allowed to wear their roller blades.  

Josie needed some help putting on her skates, so she got a preview of our trip in the entryway of our house.  

I guess I have become the sort of homeowner who no longer worries about her floors.

Josie loves to skate - both ice and land.  While she's all serious business while on ice, on land, Josie's skating takes on a more 1970s Disco Vibe.  

Josie would fit right in with the roller skaters of Central Park.

Henry didn't join us on our walk, but he was outside, enjoying the beautiful evening, too.

Georgia took a little bit longer to get ready.  She hasn't done much skating this year.

She did a few practice runs on our driveway before we began.  The roller blade brakes seemed difficult to both girls and we have a lot of steep hills in our neighborhood.  It seemed smart to take our time.

I'm hoping that this was the first of many evening strolls/skates.  

1 comment:

Angie said...

I never could skate, I'm just too clumsy. Looks like a great way to spend an evening together!

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