Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rope Swinging in Falmouth

Our children have never met a swing they didn't want to try.  Add a deep pond, a sharp cliff and a warm, sunny day to that swing, and my children are down-right giddy.  

When the suggestion was made to visit the local swimming hole in Falmouth (which boasts a pretty impressive cliff and rope swing), the Children Elliot did not need to be asked twice.

We've visited that location before and we knew it was F.U.N.

Henry wore his Go Pro camera and got some pretty amazing footage.  You can see the video he put together here:

I thought the video was great.

I was standing on the side of the swing, in a small alcove of the pond and while I got some good photos, I think Henry's perspective was much more fun.

I might have stood behind the jumpers to get such great photos, but steep cliffs and I aren't really friends.

The older children (Henry, Josie, Ethan, Reed and Reed's friend, Mark) jumped for a solid hour and then they came over to our shallow alcove and swam with us and Lauren.

I feel like every photo I post on Instagram has the hashtag "I love summer" and that's because I do.  What's not to love when the weather is so perfect and the company so fun.

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