Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Last Day(s) Of School

It's that time of year again when I do First Day of School / Last Day of School photo comparisons.  


Josephine:  September 2013

Her head is a little over half-way up that gray stone.

Josephine:  June 2014

Yep.  She's still there.  I know for a fact that Josie grew a whole inch.  So that's something.

Georgia:  September 2013:

Her head reaches just over the top of the mantle.

Georgia:  June 2014

Her head is just passed the mantle - wait!  She's wearing shoes with a heel.  Take those off!

So now her head comes just to the top of the mantle.

Henry:  August 2013

His head reaches the top of the bottom frame of the painting.

Henry:  June 2014

He's now up to the bottom of the actual painting itself.

Which is all very exciting but not nearly AS EXCITING as the fact that the school year is finally done! Summer has begun!!!


Irene @ FindAuPair said...

Last day of school is something that every child waits. The summer vacation is right around the corner and they can't wait to have fun!

Martha said...

You are right - and that last day of school is what this Mom wants, too! I love the summer!

TZRB said...

That first photo of Josie is so YOU!

Martha said...

Tara -

Ha! You're right!

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