Thursday, July 3, 2014

World Cup Soccer

We've been enthusiastically watching the World Cup matches on TV.  I'm not sure if you could say that we have World Cup Fever, but it's certainly caught our attention - Team USA in particular.  We raced home from an afternoon at the pool to watch the US vs Portugal match last week and were rewarded with an exciting game.

We ate our dinner in front of the television as a treat.

And we even made it home in time to watch the national anthems being sung and the coin toss.

Georgia had been at a sleep-over the night before and as expected, she conked out about 15 minutes into the game and slept until US scored and our shouting woke her up.

It probably wasn't just the shouting which woke Georgia up.  Josie has been known to do a foot-stomping dance whenever her team scores.

The game was over a week ago, so you all know the outcome.  It was a little disappointing but now the US is out of the cup completely.  We'll keep watching the World Cup - I'm not sure what team we'll be routing for now, but as long as the games remain exciting, we'll stick with them.

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